Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fire Chief for the Day

Happy hump day everyone! I hope you all are having a good day. The week is already half done!! YAY!!  Today was very special for my son Robbie.  He was chosen to be the "Fire Chief for the Day" One student from every school in Kelowna  was chose to be "fire Chief for the Day".  What happend when your "Fire Chief for the Day"?  Well his day started when he was picked up by the firetruck at our house.  They had all the lights and sirens on when they came. You should have seen his face!  (I had my camera but it was so cold my batteries shut down :(  )  They gave him a ride to school, they asked me if I would like to have a ride too but I had the daycare kids.  Wish I didn't because i would have loved to share it with him (not because of the HOT firefighters!!!  I know i shouldn't say that, but i couldn't help it! LOL )  Tonight we bring him to the main Fire Hall in town here, were he joins the firefighters for supper with McDonalds!!  Then they show him the fire hall... go through the equipment, and who knows what else!!  I will be posting pics of tonight tomorrow with my next project. I am so proud of him!!

Now on to my Card!!!  Therese the lead for paperfacesdesigns has some really, I mean REALLY cute digi's for fall and halloween.   This is a new image called 

autumn birds. You can find it here.  When you buy this digi stamp you will get another one with it called cat n dog nap.  Now i think that is a great deal.  Buy one and get another one with it!!   Tomorrow i will be back with my next project using Paperfacesdesigns.  I can't wait to show you!!  Don't forget I LOVE reading comments!!! Talk to you all tomorrow.

Materials Used:
Kraft (out of my stash)
the colored circles are made from CTMH cardstock i punched out.  
Chocolate Waxy Flax is also from CTMH
Autumn Birds from Paperfacesdesigns