Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wow that was a long time away!! i have a good reason really!!

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UPDATE: March 18.

Well some good news and some bad news!  The good news first.  Mom's bone marrow test has come back clear and her cancer is NOT back!!!! YAY that is such good news!!  The bad news.  Mom has been getting some type of treatment for her bones, like calcium treatments... but they have a special name for it.  Well that treatment has caused her kidneys to shut down.  It's gone past the point of reversing it.  So mom has to have dialysis for the rest of her life.  Not the greatest news but, we all are trying to keep in good spirits and very happy that she doesn't need a transplant. I'm leaving on March 31st to go visit her, and i'm coming home on April 6th.  .  I would like to THANK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS.  AS YOU CAN READ IT HAS HELPED. THANK YOU! BEFORE I LEAVE I'M GOING TO TRY AND MAKE A DIGI PAPER KIT AND GIVE IT TO EACH OF YOU!

Good morning everyone!

 Well i’m writing you this on a sad note unfortunately.  My mom was just told this week that more than likely her Cancer( Multiple Myeloma)  has come back.  Just so that you know a little background.  My mom has had this cancer since I was 5 years old. I'm 29 now.   She has fought so hard all these years and we thought that she was past it.  She had been in remission for over 5 years now (as far as I know).  Either December or January she started to get sick, she finally got into see her specialist and they ran blood tests, her Creatine levels were through the roof ( a normal for her was around 75 it went up over 300. now it is at 360).  so that told the doctors that her kidneys are malfunctioning.  She just went back this Monday.  They did a bone marrow just to be 100% sure that it is the cancer that came back.  And they are sending her to a kidney specialist this afternoon.  We will find out more today hopefully and Monday when she goes back to her doctor.
The reason why i’m posting this is to ask if I could get some people to pray for her or send her a get well card.  She just loves getting homemade cards.  I'm hoping that she doesn't read this.  as i would love this to be a surprise to her.   
I would like to thank EVERYONE for all their thoughts and prayers. 
 Anyone who sends mom a card could you please send me an email so that i can put you into a draw for a great prize of $30 worth of Close to My Heart Product.  And yes you get to go through the catty and pick what you would like to have!!
Her address is

Debbie Rear
185 Hatchley Rd
Harley, Ontario
n0e 1e0

My address is  i would forward her that cards
Natacha Diemer
2440 Lakha Rd
Kelowna, bc
v1x 7w1