Sunday, February 7, 2010

My first Journal!!! I'm a little late posting this one!!!

Well i finally made my first Journal!  I was very happy with it, except the fact that i had to give it away!!!  Don't you hate it when you make something that you just love and you have to give it away to someone?!?!!  Well i had to but it was for a good cause because, i gave it away as a gift at the bridal shower for my soon to be sister in- law.  As soon as that gift got opened everyone looked at me and said "you made this??  WOW great job"  Now I have 4 of those ladies (one is my soon to be sis) wanting to make cards with me as a workshop!!  So everything paid off!  I got the main journal from Micheals craft store and just decorated it!!  Yes i did cheap out and didn't make it from scratch.  I've been waiting to get the "bind it all" so that i can make my own!!  Just another excuse to buy something else!  The next post will My Sons Valentines for his class. It will be this week when I have some time.  I just started watching 2 children ages 2 and 8 months Monday through Friday so i'm limited on the amount of time i have to make and post things!!   Have a great Sunday and up coming week.  Feel free to leave comments i like to hear what people think of my work.

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